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Fast Commercial Loans

Fast Commercial Loans Australia wide

If you are looking for a commercial loan approval within 48 hours then can you say “yes” to the following questions?

  • Do you own a commercial property?
  • Do you want to borrow less than 65% of the Commercial property value?
  • Do you own and operate the main trading entity that has been trading for more than one financial year?
  • Can you provide self-declared financials to establish profitable operations, and a capacity to service the debt?
  • Can you provide a current BAS statement to support your self-declared financials? This statement must support your annual turnover and net profits that have been provided.
  • Do you have a clear Credit report
  • Do you have no statutory payments outstanding e.g. ATO arrears, GST, payroll tax.

If you can say “yes” to the above then we may have someone that is able to help you with a commercial loan quickly.

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80% Commercial Loans

An 80% Commercial loan is a difficult loan to obtain. It may be possible for extremely strong clients.  This type of loan is completely discretionary, and is only done on a full document basis.

Generally, it is for commercial loans less than $1m.

Documentation requested will include

  • Copies of the directors personal tax returns for two years
  • Copies of the company tax returns for two years, and full financials
  • Copies of cheque account bank statements over the last 4-6 months and details of any overdraft facilities etc
  • Copy of ATO Integrated Client account Running balance statement for company to ascertain its current tax position
  • Schedule of current lease/hp facilities.
  • Current debtor and creditor ageing list

Factors considered when assessing this type of commercial loan, will be strength of customer, overall net position, other real estate owned. cash flows, and future cash flows.

Capitalised Interest

If you are looking for  a commercial loan have you considered a facility where interest is capitalised?

Interest is capitalised when it is not paid month to month and is instead paid at the end of the loan.

This is a scenario that may appeal to you.

A purchase of an office block by a syndicate plus

capitalised interest, plus

lease incentives, plus

funds for capital expenditure.

All done up to a maximum loan to value ratio of 70%

This type of commercial loan may be available as long as the loan size is above $3m. 

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