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Commercial Deposit Bonds

Commercial Deposit Bonds now available.


• To help with the purchase of real estate property zoned commercial or business use
Types of Commercial Properties:
•Real Estate property zoned for commercial or business use such as individual factory units, retail and office space, vacant land and general business premises.
•Heavy Industrial and/or commercial properties such as manufacturing factories, depots or large industrial warehouses are not acceptable.
•Properties must be transacted with normal real estate Contract of Sale and not include the purchase of a business, stock, related assets or goodwill.

How is a Commercial Deposit Bond application assessed?

•Unconditional Loan approval
•Evidence of funds to complete the purchase
•Real Estate Contract of Sale
•Property to be zoned commercial or business and purchase price to exclude chattels and goodwill
•Guarantees to be provided as applicable where the purchaser is a company , trust or SMSF

Maximum Guarantee Amount:

Term of Guarantee:
•Maximum term is 6 months
•Applications for terms up to 12 months may be considered as an exception (however, there wiil be a  separate acceptance and fee structure)

Documentation Required:

•Short Term Guarantee Application form be fully completed
•Unconditional Loan approval
•Satisfactory evidence of funds to complete the purchase must be provided
•Contract of Sale for commercial property purchase
•Guarantee & Indemnity form to be completed by all directors, trustees and adult beneficiaries/members where the applicant is a company, trust or SMSF
•Other documentation may be requested during the assessment process if deemed necessary by the issuer.

What is the Commercial Deposit Bond premium?

•2.5% of the Guarantee amount for terms up to 6 months.A minimum fee of $500.00 applies.
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