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Commercial Interest rates

Commercial loan rates

The interest rate for a commercial loans is normally made up of two parts.

1/ A reference rate such as the The Bank Bill Swap Rate (BBSW), and

2/ A lender margin for risk.This lender margin is commonly called a facility fee and is usually between 2.5% to 3.5%


The BBSW is really the short term swap rate.  The BBSW term is used for interest rate swaps of six months or less. Anything longer than six months is called a swap rate.

The 90-day BBSW is commonly called the benchmark rate or reference rate for market interest rates.  It is a benchmark measure for the cost that banks pay for their short-term funding.

If you wish to know the current BBSW rate it is calculated at 10am each business day, and displayed by Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA)

To find out today’s BBSW click here. (Note these rates are delayed however they will give you a fairly good indication).

Lender Margin

The lender margin, or facility fee, can have a large spread. It takes into account the risk of the transaction. Some of the factors a lender will take into account include factors such as the strength of the borrower, the type and quality of the security, and the borrowers previous repayment history.

Commercial property loans

Term Loans

One of our commercial lenders is offering the below indicative rates. Note: these commercial loan rates are current and updated daily

Minimum loan size of $250,000 on standard commercial property

Interest rates can and do change daily

Indicative commercial interest rates for today.

Variable 5.48%

No ongoing fees, no line fees, no annual fees, no quarterly fees

1 year fixed 4.59%

2 year fixed 4.59%

3 year fixed 4.46%

4 year fixed 4.79%

5 year fixed 4.90%

With fixed commercial interest rates the rates are indicative only and the fixed or variable commercial interest rate on settlement date is the one that will be used.

Terms and conditions apply.

Note: For larger loans it may be possible to do a cheaper variable rate.

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Today’s commercial loan rates

Note: these rates are updated daily

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