Commercial Loans for medicos

Commercial Property Loans

Commercial property loans

The main types of commercial property loans are as follows:-

Full Document Commercial loans

These commercial loans are for customers that are able to supply full financials. On a very strong commercial applicant it may be possible to go up to 80% of the property value.

Low Doc Commercial loans

Can be done up to 75% of the property value. Some low doc commercial loans require an accountants letter. Others do not.

No Doc commercial loans

Normally up to 65% of the property value. can be for both owner occupied and investors.

These loans do not require an accountants letter.

Typically in major metropolitan areas.

Specialised Securities commercial loans

  • aged-care accommodation
  • backpacker accommodation
  • bed and breakfasts (B&Bs)
  • child care centres
  • caravan parks
  • hotels
  • motels
  • petrol stations
  • reception centres
  • shopping centres
  • car yards
  • car parks
  • resorts
  • service stations
  • restaurants
  • taverns

Both the “freehold value” and the business value or “leasehold value” are considered when looking at specialised securities.

For specialised securities, lenders may also look at an “alternative use” valuation where possible.

Maximum Loan sizes

80% LVR

Commercial loan LVR 80

Commercial property loans up to 80% LVR are usually done up to $1m.

Land Loans. This commercial loan may also be done on vacant commercial land as long as it is in a major metropolitan area.

75% LVR

Commercial property loans up to 75% are normally done up to $2m. Note these commercial loans are P/I due to the high lending to value ratio.

70% LVR

Commercial property loans up to 70% are normally done up to $5m. Possibly more on a case by case basis.

65% LVR

There is no maximum loan size at this lvr.




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