Commercial Loans for medicos

Property Development finance

Institutional Funding

Up to 75% of total development costs on construction loans or 65% of the “on completion value, whichever is the lesser.

This is full document loan and full financials are required.

The property developer’s contribution to be a minimum of 20% cash or equity.

Developer Presales will also be needed.

Low Doc Development Finance

This is non bank funded.

We are able to assist you with the following services:-

Help with presales

Equity partners

Non bank funding

This is typically suited for smaller developers and may be suitable for developers who have not done a previous project.

Development Finance for smaller projects (Non Bank funding)

Development Finance / No Pre-Sales Required

Construction Loans are available for Full Doc and Low Doc products

  • Loans up to $1,500,000 up to 70% LVR of the “oncompletion” value
  • Loans up to $5m up to 65% LVR of the “oncompletion” value metro locations
  • No Pre-Sales Required for loans up to $1.5mil lt
  • Pre Sales may also not be required for loans over $1.5m, and if they are, the requirements will always be lower than major banks.
  • Minor credit impaired is considered
  • No Risk Fee

The above construction development projects typically range from 2 units up to 15 unit developments in metropolitan areas.

Development Finance for large projects (Instiutional funding)


Funding structure

80% Total Development Costs (Even for owner-builder), or

65% Gross Realisable Value.

Strong equity and borrower’s interest in the transaction are vital –typically 20-30% of Total Development Costs.

Emphasis on sponsor track record, reputation and experience in similar projects.

Generally requires a minimum profit-to-risk margin 15% bw


Tripartite agreement is required between lender, borrower and builder.

Retention funds of >5% of the works’ cost or a third party performance bond for an equivalent amount that is acceptable to the lender


CBD/ Metro areas (within 20-25 km of CBD).

Focus on site contamination and potential environmental risks especially where excavation is concerned: Water tables; Buried asbestos; and Foundations of neighbouring buildings.

Developer Presales

No one entity/individual should have more than three or more units which represent 20% of total number of units; and/or 10% of total sales value.

Non-refundable deposit to demonstrate buyer’s commitment: >10% of purchase price.

No overseas pre-sales

Outside Guidelines

Mezzanine debt or preferential equity

First-time developers

If you require further information or have a scenario which falls outside a major bank’s policy and you would like to discuss, please call us.







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